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A festival is held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on the third of March every year for the third time for three days, and the number 3 is the common denominator for all the festival's activities including the viewing and arbitration committees and the cash sessions, which are limited to three minutes for each speaker at the festival Accompanied by daily presentations The festival awards are only three prizes The festival supports the young talents in Iraq and displays their productions through the festival screen and produces a large part of these films for those who do not have the ability to produce a film through support Logistics for film production. In addition to the opening of the introduction of young films from all countries of the world and presented to the Iraqi public and open the spirit of competition among them a special competition for international films Now the festival has completed its third session and we are preparing to hold the fourth session with a very high organization at all levels that will promote the films and participants in a manner worthy of the reputation and experience of the festival and the achievement of a remarkable success from year to year

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